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Non Standard Sizes

Non-standard pallets for all industries

If you need something a little different from the norm for your packaging, look no further. We have different sized pallets suitable for a variety of applications. Different industries require non-standard pallets. Many of these pallets can cope with a large load.

We have odd sized pallets that are 1000 x 1000mm, barrel pallets or can manufacture bespoke new pallets to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs. We offer a nationwide delivery service across the South West and the rest of the UK from our base in Bridgwater, Somerset.

A non standard sized pallet
A 1 metre square pallet

Square Pallets

The 1 metre pallet has a capacity of approx 750kgs and weighs about 15kgs.

A non standard 4 way pallet

4 Way Pallets

The 1500 x 1000mm 4 way pallet has a capacity of approximately 750kgs and weighs approx 15kgs.

A non standard barrel pallet

Barrel Pallets

The barrel pallet weighs approx 30kgs and has a large capacity of around 2000kgs. It is 1200 x 1200mm in size.

A 5 x 4ft 2 way pallet

2 Way Pallets

This is also ideal for the chemical industry. The 2 way pallet has a capacity of about 1000kgs and is 1100 x 1300mm in dimension and weighs approx 25kgs. There is also a 5 x 4ft 2 way that has capacity between 1500 – 2000kgs approx and weighs about 33kgs.

A non standard block pallet

Block Pallets

The block pallet weighs approx 30kgs, is 1150 x 1150mm and can cope with about 1200kgs.

A non standard kalon pallet

1140 x 1200 Pallets

The 1140 x 1200 odd sized pallets weigh approximately 15kgs. They have a capacity of about 750kgs.

A non standard CP3 pallet

CP3 Pallets

The CP3 pallet is 1140 x 1140mm, weighs approx 25kgs and has a capacity of around 1000kgs.

A non standard CP7 pallet

CP7 Pallets

The dimensions are 1100 x 1300mm, weighs approx 25kgs and has a capacity of around 1000kgs.

A non standard CP9 pallet

CP9 Pallets

The CP9 has a capacity of about 1000kgs, weighs around 25kgs and is 1140 x 1140mm in size.

Need different sized pallets? Call us on
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